Consultancy about Cloths Scapular (Brown, Large)


Wearing the cloth scapular has been part of the Catholic tradition for centuries. Here is an immaculately designed and stitched Cloth Scapular in brown colour for gifting and daily use.


The promise that Our Lady had given to St. Simon Stock when she appeared to him on 16th July 1251 was: “Receive, my beloved Son, this Habit of Thy Order [the Scapular]: this shall be to thee and to all the Carmelites a privilege, that whosoever dies clothed in this shall never suffer eternal fire. Behold a sign of peace, a safeguard in danger, a pledge of my eternal alliance.” Since then, many have opted to use this amazing sacramental as part of their daily prayer and worship. The Scapular serves as a constant reminder of the need to be connected to God through Mary, and draw abundant graces through her intercession.


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