Consultancy about Six Mukhi Premium Rare Rudraksha


Six Mukhi Rudraksha boasts energies of Lord Kartikeya, planet Mars, and Planet Venus. This Rudraksha gives energy and pleasures altogether. The native gets everything he wants to live life to the fullest with the grace of this astonishing Rudraksha. Its power is so immense that it leaves no space for sorrows, sufferings, miseries, and poverty. It enhances luxuries, wealth, success, and status. Being a materialistic Rudraksha, it makes living conditions easier.

  • This Rudraksha has an impact on the Sacral Chakra.
  • It removes delays in marriage, nay makes married life the happiest.
  • Its immense & intense positive energy removes struggles out of life and makes life smooth sailing.
  • It also enhances facial lustre, beauty and charm.
  • It enhances luck, capability, and worth, thus, makes you an achiever.
  • Ample wealth, luxuries, vehicles, comforts, and paraphernalia arrive with this Rudraksha.


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