Consultancy about minimalism art by guozhi tang



In terms of artistic creation, an integrated method is used, including the elements of the plane, space, and volume. The creations mainly focus on the relationship between spiritual eternity and truthfulness. An extremely continuing accumulation of particles consists of such a life experience that characterizes a harmony between objects and selves. Attempting to bring together a will to live, the idea is to lead the spiritual core and to maintain a positive attitude. Meanwhile, disentangling from the consideration of context and judgment is not only a process of weakening life, but it is also a way of reviving will and power. To endeavor to jointly establish a mechanism of aesthetics is also to build a newly established order of spiritual space and reality. The idea is also to continually reflect on and experiment in a series of issues relating to metaphysics and Zen, including the relationships between the material and the non-material, space and non-space, existence and disappearance, intangibility and tangibility. As life ontology deepens itself over time, it is thus broadening the dimension and significance of life itself.


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